• Beef Floss

      Ingredients: Beef, Coconut Milk, Garlic, Shallots, Chili, Lemon Grass and Salt Weight: 100G  

    • Coconut Paste

      Ingredients: Coconut, Salt and Emulsifier Weight: Available in 400G (Bottle) and 60G (Packet)  

    • Fish Crackers

      Ingredients: Fish, Starch, Sago, Sugar, Water, Salt and MSG Weight: 130G  

    • Fried Shallots

      Ingredients: Shallots, Vegetable Oil and Corn Starch Weight: Available in 500G and 100G  

    • Laksa Noodles

      Ingredients: Rice, Sago Flour and Corn Flour Weight: 450G  

    • Lentil Crackers

      Ingredients: Lentils, Tapioca, Wheat Flour Starch, Onion, Sugar, Pepper and Salt Weight: 200G  

    • Mixed Fruit Sambal

      Ingredients: Caramel, Chili, Peanuts, Sesame, Tamarind, Sugar & Shrimp paste Weight: 230G  

    • Nipah Palm Sugar

      Ingredients: Palm Sugar Weight: 120 G  

    • Pandan Flavour

      Ingredients: Pandan Flavour, Permitted Food Conditioner and  Food Colour Weight: 25ML    

    • Pecal Sauce

      Ingredients: Peanut, Garlics, Shallots, Chilies, Sugar, Tamarind and Salt Weight: 150G  

    • Rice Vermicelli

      Ingredients: Rice, Wheat, Sago Flour and Corn Flour Weight: 350G  

    • Rose Syrup

      Ingredients: Food Colouring Carmoisine No. Index: 14720, Glucose, Preservative and Rose Flavour. Weight: Available in 300ML and 2L    

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